Up-and-comer Openpay has gained a lot of attention due to its flexible Shopper payment plans and quick payment settlement times for Merchants. The Melbourne based Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL) already boasts an impressive database containing over 35,000+ Merchants and 150,000 Shoppers! While you might be enticed by the numbers don’t forget all the other amazing BNPL’s out there! The BNPL market is diverse and many other BNPL’s are throwing their hat in the ring to get more Merchants on board! If you’re a Merchant looking for a new BNPL consider these other brilliant BNPL providers!


  • Klarna was first established in Sweden in 2005.
  • Has a database of 90mil Shoppers and 250,000 Merchants.
  • Unlike Openpay, Shoppers are only offered a fixed payment term of four fortnightly payments.
  • Max spending limit for Shoppers is $1000.
  • Payment is made to Merchants after products are shipped.


  • Humm was founded in 2019 through the combination of CertegyEziPay and OxiPay.
  • A Shopper database of 2.1mil and over 3,000 Merchants.
  • Humm offers two products “Little Things” for payments under $2,000 and “Big Things” for purchases between $2,000 and $30,000.
    • “Little Things” offers five fortnightly payments or ten weekly payments for Shoppers.
    • “Big Things” offers the ability to repay in 6, 12, 24 or 60 months.
  • Payments are made to Merchants the next business day.

Pay It Later

  • A Brisbane based start-up founded in 2019.
  • A Shopper database of 75,000+ and over 600 Merchants.
  • A lower Shopper to Merchant ratio allows Merchants more exposure to our Shoppers for free!
  • Shoppers are given the option to pay their order off in four weekly instalments paying 35% of the purchase upfront.
  • Spending limit is dependent to Shoppers verification stage.
  • Payment is made to Merchant’s 7 business days + 1 transaction day from purchase.

Overwhelmed with options?

We may be biased… but we think you should join our Pay It Later family! We pride ourselves on supporting small Australian businesses by giving them heaps of marketing opportunities to our database of Shoppers. Want to know more about how we can market your business? Get in touch with us at support@payitlater.com.au or visit our website!