We all know Afterpay, the Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL) titan, has pioneered providing consumers with alternative credit. This alternative payment method has caused the BNPL industry to boom, pathing the way for other Afterpay Alternatives to ride the wave. 

This BNPL market diversity is driving Shoppers to seek an Afterpay alternative to cash flow their purchases. Is Pay It Later the next best thing? 

Is Pay It Later an AfterPay Alternative for Shoppers?

Pay It Later was founded in 2019, and since then, we’ve grown rapidly, serving close to 100,000 customers across Australia. Our business model allows Shoppers to buy products now and pay them off over 4 weekly instalments without any interest. Best of all, the Shopper only needs to pay 35% of their purchase upfront and the rest of the amount is spread across the remaining three weeks.  

As an Afterpay alternative, we provide our customers with a quick and easy sign-up process, personalised support, and secure (PCI-DSS compliant) payments back-end to handle your customer data securely. 

We’re with you every step of your purchase cycle, sending you follow-up reminders for those weekly payments that slip through the cracks. As well as answering your questions and clarifying concerns through our support desk channel. 

Is Pay It Later an Afterpay Alternative for Merchants?

For Merchants, Pay It Later means easy integration, no joining fees and approval in under 24-hours! We provide hands-on integration support, so Merchants feel supported throughout their Pay It Later journey. Our fixed and variable rates are the only fees given to Merchants with no lock-in contracts, so you’re welcome to leave at any time. 

We also differ in our marketing opportunities; we pride ourselves on supporting small Australian businesses. Unlike Afterpay with 7,200 Merchants, our lower Shopper to Merchant ratio ensures that our small businesses get more exposure to our extensive database of Shoppers. 

Merchants are given the opportunity to feature in our directory, social media and marketing emails, all free of charge! We succeed when you succeed, so we are always open to hearing how we can better market your business. 

So what now?

With no lock-in contracts for either Shoppers or Merchants, you can leave at any time! So why not give us a try? Shoppers can sign up on either our homepage or at the checkout of our Pay It Later Merchants! Merchants can also sign up on our homepage or through our merchant sign up screen. If you have any question along the way, feel free to email us at support@payitlater.com.au 

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