Looking for a Zippay alternative? We’ve got something for you that’s exciting Shoppers and Merchants alike!

Pay It Later and Zippay are both great but now, pay later online payment solutions for store owners who want to give their customers options other than Visa / Mastercard or AfterPay

Is Pay It Later a Zippay / Zipmoney alternative?

As a Zippay alternative, Pay It Later offers Australian customers a fast integration process with pre-built plugins, one-on-one support that our customers rave about, and a safe and secure (PCI-DSS compliant) payments back-end to securely handle your customer data.

Pay It Later was founded in Q1 2019 and we are growing fast. We’re bringing retailers on-board, helping them increase conversions and bring Shoppers back. We’re privately owned and funded so we can take the time to do things properly.

Your customer chooses Pay It Later at checkout and finalises their payment arrangement within minutes.

You receive full payment from Pay It Later and ship the goods to the Shopper.

Your Shoppers pays us off over 4 instalments, due every week.

We are in constant contact with your customer via SMS and email, reminding them about their purchase and your store through the full payment cycle (our data suggests a significant percentage of customers will re-order when their order completes — your store is front of mind!).

What if I don’t like Pay It Later? Am I stuck?

We’ve got no on-going lock-in contract or monthly fees with our customers. If you don’t like Pay It Later, simply switch off the plugin. We’ll finalise payments with your customers and that’s that! We’ve got dedicated support channels to listen to and improve on your feedback, so we’re always listening for how to improve the platform, and happy to work with you to fit your requirements.

We’re very confident Pay It Later is an awesome Zippay alternative for Shopify and WooCommerce store operators.
Even if you have a current relationship with Zipmoney, we’ve seen customer conversions continue to increase by offering both payment options.

Give us a go, and see what we’re talking about! We can have you up and running today if you’re on one of our supported platforms.

Check out Pay It Later on crunchbase