We get it, your phone is cluttered and the thought of one more unnecessary app you’ll never use just isn’t an appealing offer. However, we can promise you that our new Pay It Later app is one app you will definitely use! Let us tell you why. 

Our Pay It Later App allows you to Shop Instore!

Shopping in-store with your favourite Pay It Later Merchants has never been easier thanks to our new mobile app! Simply select the barcode button on the centre of your screen to open the camera function. The camera will allow you to scan the Merchants generated QR code. Once scanned your payment plan will appear, once you approve it your order has been confirmed! 

Easy to Update Your Details

The Pay It Later App now offers a simple solution for updating your account information including personal information and payment method.  

To update your profile information simply select the three horizontal lines on the top left hand corner, here you can view a variety of options: 

  • Where Can I Shop? Will redirect you to our Store Directory where you can view all our amazing Merchants! 
  • Transaction History: View your previous and current orders. Clicking here will also allow you to pay off instalments in advance. 
  • My Profile: If you want to update your name, mobile, email, or address this is where you’ll go. 
  • Settings: Has your card just expired? No problem, just modify your payment method here. You can also click on settings to change your password. 
  • Contact Support: If something isn’t making sense don’t hesitate to get in contact with one of our friendly team members here. 
  • Sign Out: Once all the shopping is done you can click here to log out of your account.  

Easy Manual Payments From Your Phone!

You can also now manually pay owing amounts from your phone! By clicking the same three horizontal lines on the top left you can select “Transaction History”. Your pending orders will then appear, click on the one you wish to pay. Once reviewing the remaining owing amounts select the desired instalments then press the confirmation button. These amounts will then be deducted from the card linked to your Pay It Later account.

Our Pay It Later App has so many additional benefits! We encourage you to download our app and explore it for yourself! If you’d like to learn more visit our Merchant and Shopper landing pages to download and learn more about the app. Our friendly support staff are also available to help at support@payitlater.com.au if any issues arise.