Our new checkout process for merchants using WordPress + WooCommerce is finally live. From today your customers can Buy Now and Pay It Later!

Why offer Pay It Later in my checkout?

When you offer Pay It Later at checkout, conversions and final order values increase overnight. Final order values consistently rise by 15%.

You’ll find customers prefer paying by instalments to paying with their credit card – the commitment today is much lower and buyers are known to spend more when the final payments are away in the future.


If you’re interested in installing PayItLater on your WooCommerce store please get in touch.

We’d love to walk you through the installation process (takes about 10 minutes) and get you up and running.

We’ll walk you through the process, or install it for you if you’re not comfortable. You’ll need administrator access to your WordPress panel, where we’ll install and activate the PayItLater plugin, try it out with test credentials and then hook you up with the real thing once you’re ready.

No Setup Fees or Account Fees

We charge a standard % for all orders, which means there’s no bill-shock or commitment for you at sign-up.

We only get paid when a customer checks out using our platform.

Yes, our rates are higher than your typical bank merchant gateway. After trying Pay It Later for a few weeks you’ll see it’s worth it – 15% higher final order values and no more chargebacks. It’s money well spent.