Unlock an array of benefits with the Pay It Later App

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In-Store App Benefits

Pay It Later’s new app provides a myriad of benefits and opportunities for Merchants and Shoppers alike. Our app allows for in-store shopping to flow seamlessly; with the ability to purchase in-store and pay with Pay It Later. This brand-new feature will open your store up to a range of new Shoppers and provide a range of other great benefits.

Boost Your Transaction Value

The Pay It Later app increases your average transaction value of Shoppers’ purchases.

Work Alongside Your Current POS

Our app is simple and easy to use. It works with your existing POS and is a simple solution for POS financing.

Convert Browsers into Shoppers

Our app increases the chance of browsers making a purchase in-store.

Increase Repeat Shoppers

The ease of payment that our app provides your Shoppers increases the chance that the Shopper will purchase from your store again.

Improve Your Shoppers’ Experience

Our app provides many benefits for your Shoppers when shopping at your store. The combination of these benefits improve the overall experience had by the Shopper when at your store

App Integration with Your Current POS

We want to make your life as easy as possible, so we’ve made our new app compatible with your existing POS. This allows for seamless integration; we also offer technical support for any issues you may run into along the way. Our app ensures secure, effective and hassle-fee payment processing for your business.

"Pay It Later has been super easy to use and we have enjoyed having PIL as a BNPL"

– Alistair Black (vipertac.com.au)

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