Where else should we PayItLater? $20 off

Wouldn’t it be great if all the stores you purchase from offered PayItLater?

Thanks to your support, we’re expanding and looking to bring a few more retailers on board. We’d love to get you involved!
If we can get a store you love on-board thanks to your recommendation, we’ll reward you with $20 off your first PayItLater order with them!
Let us know stores where you’d like to see PayItLater, or tell them about PayItLater via Facebook, Twitter or email and send us a screenshot.

Some examples:

facebook-256 Hey @JbHiFi, when will you offer @PayItLater so we can pay our orders in instalments?
twitter-128 You should offer PayItLater to pay with instalments

Take a screenshot of the post, showing your name or handle, and email it to info@payitlater.com.au. We’ll follow up with them and do our best to convince them so you can get that $20!


Each time a new store goes live with PayItLater, we will give the first user who referred them to us $20 off.

The first user of PayItLater who:

  • Has successfully paid off a pay by instalments order
  • Has no existing late instalments or outstanding late fees
  • Sends us a screenshot where they have commented on the store’s Facebook page, posted on twitter @’ing the store’s Twitter account, or emailed the store mentioning PayItLater.
  • Must contain the words “PayItLater”, and mention that customers can pay off orders by instalments

If multiple users submitted a store that successfully goes live, we will choose the first user who satisfies the above conditions (subject to our discretion).

$20 off will be applied to an order placed by the user on the new store — as a $20 refund, or a $20 adjustment to the second instalment.

Author: admin